A Game Changer, NO-COST HEALTHCARE PLAN, Guaranteed to Improve Employee Retention and Employer Profitability

OXNARD, Calif., April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to continue their mission of helping US businesses and their employees regain lost revenue and address the new hiring and retention issues, WorXsiteHR and its IRS certified 501(c)(3) non-profit partner, Xtension Health, have teamed up with several insurance carriers (AFLAC, The Hartford, Reliance Standard, Principal, and more) to bring employees a totally no-cost medical plan called HealthWorX.

‘The Plan,’ as it has become known, is architected, and annually reviewed by the renowned ERISA firm, Groom Law Group. Structured as a certified Section 125 Cafeteria plan, HealthWorX not only costs employers zero out of pocket, but saves them an average of $25 per month in FICA taxes for every participating employee, thus increasing employer profitability.

As for the employees, The HealthWorX plan, which starts on their first day of employment, includes unlimited preventative care, unlimited doctor visits, hospitalization, accident coverage, critical illness, wellness, unlimited telehealth for the entire family through TeledocX, employee advocacy, and life insurance. What is more, there is even a ReadyCheX advance pay service for employees who need their money before payday. All of this is at no-cost to employees and employers. Miraculously, despite the pandemic and the policies that have been implemented because of it, over the last 3 years, Xtension Health has donated over $100,000,000 to those who need it most: low income and front-line employees! HealthWorX is continuing down this road by giving employers the opportunity to offer their employees no cost healthcare while still realizing the tax savings of a section 125 and ERISA compliant plan. HealthWorX is currently available nationwide to employers with as few as 100 employees.                               

About HealthWorX
HealthWorX is a no-cost medical plan managed by a non-profit, to allow lower income, part-time, and seasonal workers access to useable and affordable healthcare. The plan is ERISA and Section 125 compliant, is no-cost to both employee and employer, while also generating a substantial employer FICA tax savings. 

For more information about HealthWorX, please visit www.healthworxmedical.com or contact John Zabasky at [email protected] or 818-406-9152.


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