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There are several dozen varieties of corporate software for businesses with different scales, needs and management systems. There is always a choice, however, when there are many similar products, it is not so easy to navigate the variety. Which product is best for your business and what do you face when choosing corporate solutions? You will learn about it in our article and at the link: https://www.dataart.com/services/cloud/well-architected-review.

Company management systems

CPM – business management modules that allow you to measure the company’s performance metrics and manage business processes. Objectively, this is a financial management tool with the function of supervising management decisions. The software package is aimed at solving a number of tasks:

  • Business planning, financial forecasting.
  • Strategic monitoring. Formation of financial indicators based on the analysis of expense and income items.
  • Reporting system. Tools for reporting.

CPM modules are used in large corporations where the business infrastructure is scattered across different locations and complex management is required.

Electronic document management systems

Systems for the exchange and management of corporate data are relevant for financial companies, banks, credit institutions and government companies, where the risk of data leakage can jeopardize the business. In particular, banks use only corporate software with a high level of security to exchange business documents in digital format.

In real terms, ECM systems include a number of consumer functions: data storage, storage of documents, records, correspondence histories, tools for systematization, information analysis, screen functions and document exchange between a group of users.

For each department, the ability to log in only under their real name and have a certain level of access to information can be implemented. Such systems provide the ability to quickly identify the actions of each employee, restrict or vice versa, provide access to certain data. Experienced companies offer enterprise software development company.

Corporate portals

Not all business owners allow employees to use social networks to communicate. At the same time, the cadres decide everything and it is extremely reckless to limit the communication of the staff. The way out of this situation can be the use of a corporate portal.

Technically, the portal allows you to provide communication between departments and securely exchange data. It cannot replace the social network, since business communications are not so open, but at the same time, employees will be able to communicate with each other and receive information in time. When developing a corporate portal, it is important to provide for a modern security system, otherwise negative publicity from the Security Council cannot be avoided.

CRM systems

CRM modules are perhaps one of the most famous and oldest types of corporate information systems. Today, CRM systems are used in any trading company, small or large. The software is available for any wallet: programs developed from scratch, ready-made solutions for small businesses, hybrid options with integrated capabilities to store, manage, share information.

CRM systems accumulate information about clients, users, and contractors. Over time, as it accumulates, the owner can analyze the data, extract useful indicators, which in the future can become the basis for new commercial proposals. Also, CRM systems allow you to manage business processes remotely, having only access to the network. The customer can track the effectiveness of each employee who uses the CRM system and, accordingly, monitor the success of each staff unit.

CRM clients have proven themselves in the management of the company and are actively used to this day. In particular, CRM systems are used by banks, brokers, financial companies, trade distributors, and service companies. Easy-to-manage, multifunctional programs have been approved by users of various ages, status and business niches.

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