‘Boys want the world to hear exactly what transpired’

Attorney for the Thulsie twins Nadeem Mohamed explains why they have decided to allow media steaming in court.

Tony-Lee and Brandon-Lee Thulsie have been in prison for 5 years, awaiting trial since their arrest in 2016.

The twins from Azaadville in Johannesburg who are alleged to have links to the Islamic State, appeared in court on Monday. However, proceedings were delayed as the legal team representing the twins objected to media live streaming the court proceedings, sighting witnesses, and the twins’ safety.

According to defence, a previous court had prohibited live recordings in the matter, however, the State said they were not aware of such agreement with Judge Ratha Mokgoathleng arguing that the trial could not be held in secret and that witness protection application papers should be filed.

But the attorney for the twins says they have changed their mind.

In essence, what the boys say is they want the world to hear and they want the world to see exactly what transpired and to show the world they are innocent.

Nadeem Mohamed, Attorney for the Thulsie twins

So they instructed us to withdraw their objections to the media obviously with certain conditions being in place which we will address with the judge on the return date.

Nadeem Mohamed, Attorney for the Thulsie twins

He says the specifics are still being finalised and discussed with the media houses and must comply with the judge’s requests.

These include that the cameras must be unmanned, he notes. In addition, there should not be any listening devices near the accused and their representatives, especially when the court is out of session.

And certain witnesses who choose not to want to be filmed must be taken on a case by case basis.

Nadeem Mohamed, Attorney for the Thulsie twins

He says the aim is for the media to have as little interference on the role players and the court process.

The least amount of interference with the role players

Nadeem Mohamed, Attorney for the Thulsie twins

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