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Jat Sikh Cheema family seeks suitable match for their, 1996 US born, 5′-11″, tall & handsome boy. Mater Degree in Cyber Security. Running family business. Looking for a tall & beautiful girl. Contact Jessie Cheema @ 206-391-2002 or Email:

28 year Jat Sikh boy well settled in USA with family looking for beautiful educated girl. Height 5′-11″, WhatsApp +17816-288740.

SM girl for Dhiman boy, Dec. 88, working Gurgaon top Co. Engg. PEC Chandigarh, MBA top B School Delhi, 26+ LPA, height 5′-5″. Mob: 88947-02343.

Suitable match for Saini Sikh boy, 1995 born, 5′-7″, Masters in Engg. Management, doing job in private company on work permit in Australia. Officer family. 81948-40424.

Suitable match for teetotaller Brahmin boy 22/04/1991, 4:15 am, Chandigarh/6′, presently working MNC, Chandigarh. 94176-54947.

Match for Jat Sikh Australian Citizen boy, 27/ 5′-8″. Only BDS/ B.Sc Nursing slim preferred. Contact/ Whatsapp: 70873-89136.

SM4 1990 born, 5′-9″, Officer in Nationalised Bank, presently posted at Mumbai transferable. Contact 82838-22905.

Match for Australian Citizen boy, 1984, 5′-10″, Mechanic. English speaking girl preferred. Caste no bar. 84272-25050.

Suitable match for Arora handsome boy 10.9.1991, 4:00 pm, Jalandhar, 5′-11″, MBA Finance job in MNC. Seeks educated minimum 5′-5″ girl. Contact: 9814664541, 9463136381.

Ahluwalia Sikh handsome boy, 28/5′-7″, Advocate, (Taxation) good practice, handsome income, own property. Seeks qualified, beautiful girl. Father well settled business. Elder brother well settled in Austria. Marriage bureau excuse. 9815085624.

Qualified match for MBA, MS 5′-6″, 1982 born divorcee Canadian citizen. Two kids from last marriage who lives with mother. Contact: 17789946864.

Match for Manglik Brahmin boy, 5′-4″, 1.5.1992, 3.13 pm, Jalandhar, MBA, working as Management Consulting Analyst in Accenture Strategy, Bangalore, package 14 LPA. 9815108257, 9872623124.

US citizen/ PR match for Jat Sikh boy, 91 born, handsome. 6′ tall, double degree in Actuarial Sciences & Mathematics, working as Software Engineer in Bay Area CA. Highly educated family well settled in Australia and US. Canadian born can also be considered. WhatsApp biodata & recent photos on +61401500790 or

Match for Ramdasia Sikh Doctor, MBBS, MD. 5′-8″, 36, doing Govt. Job in USA. Caste no bar. 83608-76705.

SM4 Australia based PR boy. B.Tech (IT), 88 born, 5′-11″, divorcee issueless. Good salary.  Hindu Khatri family near Chandigarh seeks educated girl. Caste no bar. Whatsapp: 94170-48683.

Wanted beautiful professional qualified bride preferably in Canada for handsome Sidhu Jat Sikh boy April 1994, 6′-1″, B.Tech (CSE) from India M.Tech from Canada, working with reputed MNC (Canada), having rural, urban property India. Please send biodata whatsapp :+9198154-02607,

PQM for Jat Sikh boy from affluent family, 87 born, 6′, B.Tech.+ MBA, working in IT at handsome package in Bangalore. Share biodata with photographs : WhatsApp- 91484-21132. No calls plz.

Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR Arora Sikh cleanshaven boy 31 years/5′-6½, MBA, working Vancouver, 60K. Caste no bar. Contact 99886-15117.

Match for Khatri handsome boy, 5′-8″, 23 Sept. 1993, 5.15 am, Jalandhar, Colonizer earning good income. No demand. 8968434222, 9478492217.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, 1990, 6′-2″, State Gazetted officer (Asst Xen). Seeks girl with matching job. Contact whatsapp: 9478477205 with girl’s profile.

Match for Canadian Citizen Unmarried Arora Sikh Kesadhari boy 38/ 5′-9”, Working IT Analyst. Contact +1 647 858 1402.

Suitable match for Saini boy, 35/5′-11″ Australia PR, own house Melbourne. Gotra Rara, Ghunia. Australia PR girl preferred. +61-430452991, +61-0433759894.

Suitable match for Brahmin handsome boy, 1990 born, 5′-8″, USA work permit. Seeks USA citizen girl. Contact: 6284438894.

Garg Manglik 20.06.90, 1:00 am, Chandigarh, 5′-7″, B.Tech., job IT company, Mohali, 6 Lakhs, well settled family. 99887-35977.

Parents of Australian citizen turbaned Jat Sikh boy 35/6 ft, IT specialist doing his business in Sydney. Looking for a Jat Sikh girl. He got divorce after a brief marriage. If interested send bio-data and photographs at email:

Canadian Lubana Sikh boy 32/ 5′-11″, want BDS/ other professional girl, caste no bar. WhatsApp Call +9194664-36721,+14168224721.

Match for Manglik handsome Gaur Brahmin boy 20/10/1993, 5.15 pm, Morinda/ 6′, Hotel Management Diploma, Hotel Manager Chandigarh. 78889-07756.

Professionally qualified suitable match for Ramgarhia boy, 34/5′-10″, B.Tech, working as Soft Consultant, MNC, Gurgaon, 13 LPA. Mohali based family. 95730-56518.

Doaba Sikh Rajput, tall boy, 1987, university Graduate, Manager in bank, Kenya. Sister US citizen. 9056380539.

Professionally qualified working for Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh Chohan boy, working in IT Company, never married, 1984, turbaned, trimmed beard. Please share biodata with photos. Marriage bureau please excuse. WhatsApp: +1-647-451-8373.

Non working match for handsome, teetotaler, C.A., LLB Kansal boy, 12.09.1989, 17:55, Ambala, 5’7″, Corporate & Tax lawyer; Convent & S.R.C.C. educated. Own flat in Karol Bagh, Law firm in Connaught Place, Delhi. Mobile : 94162-60750.

Match for Sikh Jatt Grewal boy, Canadian PR, 29, 5′-10″. Preference to tall, beautiful, well educated girl. First preference to Ludhiana region. Contact: 96463-52555 WhatsApp.

Handsome, meritorious, very fair, Software Professional boy, working Germany (Citizen), Nov. 1988, 5’-6”, Punjabi Arora Khatri, presently in India; seeks compatible match. Any upper caste welcome. Bureau excuse. Whatsapp pics biodata. 8146991890.

Match for handsome divorcee Brahmin boy, B.Tech. (Production Engg.), 11.2.76, 5:35 a.m., 5′-9″,Own business, Excellent income. Boy has white spots on hands. Caste no bar, Girls with one minor kid also acceptable. 88472-66528.

Ramgharia boy. Education – Btech(IT). Birth – 1992. Place – Mohali. Height – 6ft. Job – MNC company in IT park, Chandigarh. Contact – 9463654560

Suitable match for Sikh Saini turbaned boy 89/ 5′.6″ height, B.Tech (CS) own business, early marriage. 94164-29647.

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh never married groom 45 yrs., 5′-9″, established consultant and businessman, Physically Athletic fit. Urban family. Only never married Jatt Sikh brides between 36-44 respond with details. Email-

Match for Jat PR Canada boy 1988, 5′-11″, M.Sc. PU Chandigarh based family. Upper caste welcome. 98137-76961.

Wanted suitable match for Jat Sikh December 1991, 6′-4″ boy, USA Green Card holder, presently in California, well-settled family, B.Com and Business Management course. Contact: 98145-75460.

S M Brahmin Boy 04-07-1989, 12.15 PM, Rampuraphul, 5′-8″, B Tech CSE MBA (IT), working US Based MNC, Gurgaon, Pack 6 lac. 99158- 32866

Khatri Canada PR Holder IT Engineer 06.06.1990 born, 2.55 am, Chandigarh/ 5′-9”, Earning 1.45 Lac USD P.A., Working in USA/ H1B Visa, Reputed business family. 99884-54004.

Jat Sikh parent’s seeking match from status family for their son 1987 June 5′-10″, U.K Citizen BBA from London Citizen, well settled having significant properties Amritsar. 98140-38499 , marriage bureau excuse.

Chandigarh based Saini boy, 33/6′ Chemical Engineer teaching professional, handsome income, landed property. 79860-28635.

SM4 Mittal boy, Anshik Manglik, Gurgaon based family, 18.06.1994, MBA (Fin.), Working International Bank in NCR, package 21LPA. Father businessman. Preferred working girl in NCR location. WhatsApp/Call: 97176-56545.

Handsome Canadian Jatt Sikh boy, 5′-10″, Nov. 92 born, Masters from Canadian University, Senior Software Engineer in Toronto, own house around GTA, seeking equally qualified and beautiful match from Canada or USA. No bureaus. 99883-57520, 94635-73914, Amritsar.

Suitable professionally qualified beautiful girl match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, Software professional working in Australia, 5′-8″, 1989, Amritsar. Medico preferred. Upper caste welcome. Mobile: 98888-68823.

MCA, CS or IELTS girl willing to go Hongkong or settled in Hongkong for 5′-7″/ 1987 born Jain boy Masters in Electronics (Hongkong) settled in Hongkong, caste no bar Jain 98143-67806, 81466-74743.

Suitable match for Sikh Arora handsome boy 1989, 5′-11″.  MCA, Jalandhar well settled. Mother Retd. pension holder. Single parents employed match preferred. Contact/Whatsapp: 9872300827, 9041886514.

Jat Sikh handsome boy 1992/ 5′-11″, B.Tech., MBA (Finance), FRM certified, working in U.S. based investment Bank at Mumbai, handsome package, rural urban property. Parents working, seeks well qualified working life partner. Mail:

Suitable Manglik/Non-manglik match for Khatri (Vij), 5′-7″, March, 1990 born, Jalandhar, MIT, Software Developer PR Australia. Contact: 9888647430, 9888661229.

Qualified match for short divorcee B.Tech, MBA Rajput boy, 1989 born, 5’-8”. Working in MNC at Mohali.  Upper caste welcome. 79733-54154.

Match for SC boy, B.Tech. (CS), 07 Oct. 90, 5′-6″, MNC, 20+ (PA), residence Jal., job Chd. 9478662638.

Suitable well qualified match for Jat Sikh (Bhinder) Canadian PR handsome boy, 28, 6′-1″, Business Management. Landlord family. Contact: 9814111949.

Match for Jatt Sikh boy Oct 1988, 5′.7″, B.Tech (CS), C.F.A study, French exam “TEF” Cleared. PR Applied for Canada above 500 points. 94665-14568, 89012-87004.

Match for Highly educated Lobana Sikh permanent Commissioned Officer (Lieutenant Commander) Indian Navy, 5′-7″, 28. Preferred CA/ Doctor. Contact: 94666-46256, 95180-64045.

Chandigarh Aggarwal, MBBS, MS Ophthalmology, 5′-9″, Haryana Government, 12 Lakhs, USA experienced. 99888-23442, 78141-48692, 94170-03412.

Match for handsome brilliant MS Orthopaedics 6 feet/ 1991 from well known affluent respectable family. Compatible medico only from respectable family. WhatsApp 79867-71471 Email:-

Suitable beautiful, slim match for SC Ad-dharmi handsome never married boy, 85 born, 5′-8″, BDS, MDS, Class-I officer. Preferred BDS/MDS/Govt employee. Contact: 9896411949.

Match for Canada PR, Kamboj Sikh veg boy 1993/6′-2″, PG Diploma & Masters (ECE) Canada. Networking Engineer in MNC. Own house, parents Govt. employee. Require Doctor/Engineer/B.Sc Nursing girl above 5′-5″. Canada PR/work permit preferred. 9876127512.

Looking for suitable match for our handsome turbaned Lubana Sikh son 37 yr., 5′-7″, residing in USA graduated in Mechanical Engineer from Aeronautic College of New York. Also established his career in IT. Presently working with reputed American Companies as software professional in New York. Lubana Gursikh families will be preferred. Contact +9199915-39802.

Alliance invited for Punjabi Khatri boy handsome, Panchkula based 168 cm, 91 born, MBA Germany, reputed business family Pharmaceutical companies, looking for sober, beautiful girl from cultured family. 94172-65574.

Brahmin boy, 16.11.92, 5′-10″, Canada settled (PR), Ludhiana based. Contact 94171-58111.

Professionally qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, 1993 born, 5′-8″, Software Engineer, Vegetarian family settled Jalandhar. Kundli must. Send particulars whatsapp: 9463776202, 9417389202.

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