Budget 2022: Govt Focused On Nations Development, Will Create As Many Jobs As Possible, Says FM Sitharaman

New Delhi: Days after presenting the Union Budget 2022, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday admitted that preparing the two pandemic budgets (2021-22 and 2022-23), after the COVID-19 hit the country was “really challenging”. In an exclusive interview with Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor-in-Chief, Zee News, and Swati Khandelwal Jain, the Finance Minister thanked the people of India and applauded PM Narendra Modi for the work done during the crisis.Also Read – Contactless Smart Card, RFID Chip: E-passports to be Rolled Out With Latest Security Features

Sitharaman had presented the Rs 39.45 lakh crore Union Budget on Tuesday. During the interview, the Finance Minister also underlined that budget’s focus on investment in infrastructure was in view of firing the key engines of the economy to sustain a world-beating recovery from the pandemic. She also vowed to get economy back on track. Also Read – What Does Union Budget 2022 Have For Travel Amid Pandemic? Industry Experts React to Budget Dynamics

“This government is committed to the nation’s development and has always focused on the creation of jobs,” the Minister said adding the she has always appreciated the honest taxpayers and has mentioned them while presenting the budget.  “We are not doing anything for the rich. We are focused on the nation’s developments and will create as many jobs as possible,” she added. Also Read – Budget 2022: What Are Ken-Betwa And Five River Linking Projects And What is Its Significance | Explained

Speaking on the government’s move to introduce 30 per cent tax on income from virtual assets, Sitharaman reiterated that cryptocurrency or any digital assets should be inclusive as government backing is required for every currency to function in transparency. The Minister asserted that the explanation about crypto should be crystal clear, and clarified that “Crypto can be digital asset but not currency.”

“There should be a clear distinction between crypto assets owned privately and digital currency. If people believe that they can use blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology to apply their creative knowledge, then that knowledge can become a currency for free. The Reserve Bank of India must first approve a currency,” she said.

The Finance Minister in the interview to Zee Business also pointed out various provisions in this year’s Budget for farmers, and emphasized that the government is leaving no stone unturned to help the poorest of the poor section of the society. “You won’t increase tax, but it’s our duty to help the poor, PM Modi told me last year,” she said.

Talking about Budget 2022’s offering for small and medium businesses, she said, “We have special focus on the recovery of SMEs.” The Minister also asserted that government providing several schemes for the middle class section of the society.

Talking about corporate tax, the FM said, “The slash in rates has helped industry in many ways.”

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