Business growth hits new national record, local entrepreneurs pursue their dreams



SALISBURY, Md. – “Its time for me to go to my next chapter and to start my dream,” Le Salon et Spa de Two Cousins Manager Merna Orenus said.

That dream became Le Salon et Spa de Two Cousins. A vision of one Haitian family who started as immigrants but are now businesses owners. “It’s a blessing for us to be here in this country and to open a nice salon,” Orenus said.

“So just to see my parents do all of these things for the community and just build. They had nothing and now have like a little mini empire, it’s just cool to see from my perspective,” Le Salon et Spa De Two Cousins Marketing Specialist Merland Orenus said.

This Delmarva family isn’t the only one jumping on the trend as reports that Americans are starting new businesses at a record rate, up 30% compared to before the pandemic.
“We are seeing it locally. You can talk to anybody in just about any industry and they’ll tell you they’ve seen resignations and people taking early retirement,” CEO of Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Bill Chambers said. “The fed is scheduled to start bumping up interests rates. They’re virtually zero now so money is cheap. If you want to start a business, you’re an entrepreneur, you want to start a home-based business, or go brick and mortar this is the time to do it.”

While the notion of being your own boss can sound tempting, I’m told it comes with some potential risks. “What the pandemic or COVID has shown us is that which businesses were a disaster and which were pandemic proof and it’s not many,” Gunn Wealth Management’s LaMar Gunn said. “Business start ups aren’t for the faint heart. It’s a very difficult process so it might be important to hire someone who’s done it and has experience in helping starts grow and achieve success.”

Despite the risks, salon management say they look forward to serving the growing Haitian community in Salisbury and encourage others to make their dreams a reality. “A lot of Haitians want to feel comfortable in a space where they know that the owners speak the same language as them. Also, just to know they’ll have services and they’ll been understood by people who know them,” Merland Orenus said.

“I know sometimes life is not easy, but just keep your head up and pushing for your dream,” Merna Orenus said.

Financial experts advise those looking to start their own business to build relationships with your local banks or invest in a finance coach to help outline your goals.

The salon specializes in all things beauty from hair care to nail services. Their first day of business will be Tuesday, February 1st.

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