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Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine is a new health wellness and longevity medical care model, providing 24-7 access and coaching on the 6 core fundamentals of Lifestyle Medicine. They incorporate technology with email, text, telephone, and video visits to help you live your best. They use the latest in science with comprehensive and specific blood work and advanced diagnostic testing including genetic profiles. Old Mission Bif

They are a membership-based fully HSA-eligible practice designed to help you reclaim your health wellness and longevity and transform your mind body and spirit.

“Our healthcare system is broken and is being crushed at the hands of big government, big business, big pharma, big insurance, and big hospitals who have created a reactionary sick-care system and conditioned us to be patients – all too willingly accept that sick role – all at our own health and expense and distracting us from the fact that we, ourselves, are the ones in charge of our own health, wellness and longevity,” said owner Dr. Chris Mason.

The average human lifespan remained around 48-50 years for millions of years until just a few decades ago. Our genes have not yet caught up with advances in science and technology which have extended our average lifespan to 78-80. Many folks are living to be 100+. This means our bodies are still hard-wired to begin the process of slowing down at 48-50 (andropause in men and menopause in women are two great examples of this) but we are still going strong and many of us still have half our life left to live. Plus, by then, most of us have accomplished much of what defines a wonderful and successful life so why not make the second half the best half? According to Dr. Mason, the path to living your best is through the 6 core fundamentals of lifestyle medicine: exercise, nutrition, supplements, sleep, mindfulness, and relationships.

“All are equally important and have a direct effect on every cellular process in the brain and body,” Dr. Mason said. “Lifestyle medicine offers the prevention, treatment and even the cure for a huge part of our health problems today (to name a few: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, chronic pain, anxiety/depression, obesity and even many forms of cancer).”

Many of the changes men and women experience in their late 40s and early 50s (some as early as their 30s) are directed by hormones. They use bio-identical hormones to provide the support your body and brain needs to prevent those changes and help you make the most of your health wellness and longevity. They also use peptides, sexual wellness medications, weight loss medications and anti-aging medications in their therapy plans.

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