Central District Health Department approves staff retention bonuses amid pandemic | Grand Island Local News

“We can set this money aside right now and have it as a one-time, three-year program, and it’s fully funded to start with,” he said. “We’ll do this, and anyone we hire in this three years will be eligible for those payments.”

He added, “We think this is something that we share with the staff that shows our appreciation for them, as well.”

Peterson said the key to providing such a bonus is having sufficient funds available.

“It’s something a number of the health departments across the states are doing because they’ve been able to generate this extra money from doing shots and with FEMA money,” he said.

CDHD had a fee-for-service agreement via Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services using pass-through Federal Emergency Management Agency dollars.

Through this agreement, CDHD received $40 per COVID vaccine or booster shot.

That contract ended July 2021.

Because of internal efficiencies, CDHD realized a net income of roughly $300,000.

“We can set that money aside in an account and know that it’s taken care of,” Peterson said. “We felt like that made a lot of sense knowing what our obligation could be, and any new employee who came on could be eligible for a portion of it, based on how much they worked that particular year.”

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