Change-makers paving a path to a contemporary revolution


We have come a long way from being primal beings to establishing a professional career and living a stable life. But is there more to it than just that? What do we choose when we aspire to pursue our passion but refuse to let profitability take a back seat – we monetise our art and get inspired from the veterans who are slaying this game with their expertise. Looking up to the change makers and leaders of today, it’s time to get our lauding gloves on as we embark on the journey of these maestros with a revolutionary vision to carve a contemporary road to growth for everyone to grow through!

IronLady empowering masses

IronLady is a platform creating high-impact business leadership programs for women based on art of war and strength-based excellence delivered by accomplished entrepreneurs, CXOs and practising professionals. Founded by Mr Rajesh Bhat, the brand has created its space in the market and is consistently making strides to empower women, enabling them to monetise from their skills and art while simultaneously bringing financial stability to their lives.

The programs elevate the prowess of people across diverse verticals and intend to create measurable and breakthrough results for the corporate as well as the individuals. Binding the ingredients to a leading the industry with the power of personal transformation and Bing Fa Breakthrough competence (Art of War) and Strength Based Excellence, the venture provides its audience with zen techniques to win.

Reflecting his vision as he leads the venture to success under his supervision, Mr Bhat is observed working relentlessly to create a secure and financially empowering space for women. Committed to making it big with his venture run by Magic Wand Empowerment, he alongside IronLady is inspiring the youth to be self-reliant and skillful.

Sacred Weaves harnessing the power of innovation

Sacred Weaves, the success of Jagdish Das & Company and a subsidiary intending to carry forward the values and legacy of the established brand, is a leading ecommerce platform and a pioneer in the Banarasi Handloom vertical. A one-stop-shop for all the whims and fantasies pertaining to the Banarasi saree culture and aesthetics. 

The luxury brand is steered by the change-maker with a vision, Ms Shruti Shah. She has been working behind the scenes to serve as a harbinger of up-skilling and up-scaling in the saree segment without compromising with the art or effort required to support and expand the lineage of its parent company. Launching an online platform and setting up a virtual presence, she has transcended the geographical restraints and been the boss lady behind the success of Sacred Weaves. The platform, under her guidance, has been flourishing and is responsible for offering an extensive portfolio of sarees along with the first and only brand that provides an HSN Code. Amalgamating unparalleled innovation with authenticity and a fierce spirit to grow, Ms Shah is encouraging the next generation entrepreneurs with every passing day. Inspiring women across the nation to create and leave their own mark while owning their space professionally as well as personally, Ms Shah is bringing a change that’s here to stay.

Finance Blocks encouraging people to get their big bucks

Finance Blocks, a tech-enabled platform focusing to provide an array of products to financial institutions and banks, is founded by Mr Jake Seltzer. Aligning itself seamlessly with national identity systems and extending a secure repository for user identification data on the blockchain, the venture aims to eradicate financial hiccups and grant convenient credit access, financial transparency, and cohesiveness to its clients. Mr Seltzer, a name known for being recognised by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive for his work in the financial field and in recognition of his work at Finance Blocks, Inc., acknowledged the grave concern of people not having basic financial services and facing challenges to stabilise monetarily. 

This inspired him to launch Finance Blocks and eliminate informal moneylenders and pawnbrokers, who often give credit without demanding collateral, amidst other factors. Initiating a change to enhance the times to come for the common people, he has been leading his brand to skies of growth while simultaneously combating problems in the rural economy. Establishing his rapport in the industry and refashioning the finance industry, he is leading the world towards a stabler finance thrift and a more regulated wealth management system.

B.FIT Lifestyle stirring the pot for a healthy change

B.FIT Lifestyle, founded by Ms Sahiba B., is an initiative to regulate people’s health. Inspiring people to opt for a holistically healthy lifestyle, it was incepted after Ms Sahiba became a mother to two and witnessed a challenging journey post-delivery to get back in shape. Battling through hypothyroidism and the natural changes anticipated for a newbie mother, she realised how this isn’t the most comfortable expedition towards growth, thus she focused on making it worth it instead. Lending her expertise to bring a change, she focused on diverse aspects of health including weight management, therapeutic diets, emotional eating disorders, and holistic well-being. 

She is setting up a legacy of wellness and manifesting good health for the people with her vetted skills. Pursuing Masters in Nutrition Science & Research Policy from TUFTS University, Boston and Lifestyle Medicine CME certification from Harvard Medical School, she is responsible for weaving the latest research findings in her diets and is committed to equip them with the right knowledge of health and nutrition through her Nutrition Education initiatives. Creating a healthier present and safeguarding the future of dietary regime, fitness and wellness, she is making a difference and proving to be a change-maker that the youth look up to.

These leaders are contributing their bit to revolutionise the current landscape and are bound to be a part of the present as well as history of evolution across different sectors. Motivating youth to up-skill, be self-sustainable, challenge themselves, strategise their finances and invest in their health regime – they are making it to the list of influencers and change-makers working towards a cause as they fight their way through obstacles and create a world for everyone to mutually thrive in.

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