City of Lauderhill’s “Raise the BAR” Initiative Fosters Small Business Growth


Small Business

[LAUDERHILL] Lauderhill is a city that cares about its business community. The majority-minority city with a large immigrant population, has been well known for its development and success of small businesses. In April 2021, Top 10 Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business.

Lauderhill’s Economic Development Division and CRA have ten programs where new or existing businesses can apply for capital, loans, grants, and other concessions for owning and growing a business here in the City of Lauderhill. The Raising the BAR initiative simply packaged up all the programs.  So new and existing businesses can easily locate and access what is available.

Procurement Fair

On Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 9:00 AM, the City of Lauderhill will launch its Raising the BAR portal during a Media Launch.  The Launch will be followed by a Procurement Fair that will allow businesses to register as a Lauderhill vendor.  As well as learn how to do business with Lauderhill, and find out what types of contracts and opportunities are available. In addition, meet the MayorCommission, City Staff and other business owners in Lauderhill. We welcome business owners outside of Lauderhill to consider Lauderhill as a future home for your expanding business as well.

Raising the BAR Initiatives

The following programs are included in the Raising the BAR initiative:

  • Starting a Business *Lauderhill Shines *Business Concierge *Entrepreneurship Center 
  • Micro Grant Loans *Small Business Enterprise (SBE) *Target Market *Commercial Façade Grant 
  • Business Rescue Plan ARPA *Commercial Redevelopment Incentive Program 


Lauderhill Commissioner Melissa P. Dunn

Lauderhill Vice Mayor Melissa P. Dunn

Vice Mayor Melissa P. Dunn explained, “As a small business owner who specializes in marketing, I have first-hand knowledge of what kind of assistance a business owner needs in order to scale. As the former President of the Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, I quickly learned what offerings our City stakeholders would benefit from. Raising the BAR offers the 1 thing that I wish I had when I started my business – access to opportunities. This includes loans, grants, mentoring, education as well as opportunities to scale with government contracts. Raising the BAR is a game changer for Lauderhill businesses.” 

 Doing Business In Lauderhill

Come see why now is the best time to do business in the City of Lauderhill! Catapult your business to the next level. Join us for the Raising the BAR Media Launch and Procurement Fair on Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 9:00 AM in City Hall (5581 W. Oakland Park Blvd.).



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