Clancher Raises Funds to Revolution People Analytics for Corporate Human Resources


Clancher Raises Funds to Revolution People Analytics for Corporate Human Resources-01

Crancher, a provider of people analytics platform for Corporate Human Resources , today announces the latest rounds of funding led by SaaS specialist investment firm Ox . In addition to Ox, our existing strategic investment firms include Randstad, the world’s largest dispatching company, and Nationale Nederlanden, a leading Dutch insurance company.

The funds raised will be used to add predictive analytics capabilities to the Crancher Platform, further expanding the platform’s employee retention rate, skill-based staff planning, and data-driven storytelling capabilities. The rest of the funding will be used to promote international expansion, with plans to open a US office and triple the number of team members.

In recent years, the Corporate Human Resources Department has adopted a wide variety of human resources software tools, each focusing on different elements of the human resources workflow. As these global companies manage tens of thousands of employees across multiple geographies, they continue to grow in complexity as they adopt new sets of tools that aren’t tied to other tools.

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Crancher offers the world’s most intuitive enterprise platform for self-service people analytics, personnel dashboards, and strategic workforce planning. Our People Analytics platform has been adopted by companies around the world, including MetLife, Jacobs Dow Egberts (JDE), AkzoNobel, Rabobank and Randstad.

The People Analytics platform works in addition to existing HR systems, aggregating employee data into a secure, integrated platform, improving data quality, and for everyone who needs it, not just data scientists. Give everyone access to data and gain insights into the workplace to achieve sustainable business impact. This allows HR leaders and teams to develop strategically meaningful HR strategies and significantly improve decision-making and staff planning.

Dirk Yongkar, CEO, who founded the cruncher, described the cruncher as “a people analytics company for people” and said: “Most organizations have a HR system, but struggle to bring insights from all their data. Without clear insights, making the right decisions can be dangerous. Yes, it will be difficult to reach your business goals. ”

“But with easy-to-use personnel reporting and analytics solutions, you can get the basics right. By linking expertise, data, and analytics, and supporting employee-relationship decision-making with relevant insights. We will enable the Human Resources Department to embrace the power of people analytics and empower all employees of the company to make data-driven decisions in an instant. ”

Bob Thomas, Principal of Ox , said: “When we talked to people analytics experts around the world, one subject came to the fore. It’s an easy-to-use launcher product that quickly, clearly, and based on a wealth of data on people’s stories within the enterprise. In 2022, the challenges companies face with employee data are more urgent than ever, and we are very pleased to partner with Mr. Yonker and his team. We expect more companies to be able to unlock the value of their employee data with their products. ”

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