CSC: steady growth is still the main investment logic in the near future, and it is optimistic about the annual opportunity of consuming building materials

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CSC said that in January 2022, the new social finance reached a record high, the release of special bonds was also significantly accelerated, and the construction plan in many places at the beginning of the year was carried out in an orderly manner. We believe that this round of steady economic growth will simultaneously benefit traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure, and we are optimistic about the annual opportunities for consumption of building materials. In terms of valuation, the fluctuation in the valuation of consumer building materials has little correlation with the real estate demand in the same period, and the credit expansion helps to improve the valuation of the sector; In terms of performance, the terminal price rise alleviates the cost pressure, and the performance rebound in 2022 is imminent; In terms of risk, the consumer building materials company adjusted its business focus to control risk, changed its channels and optimized its structure to reduce the risk of accounts receivable.

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