Digital Transformation, the key to survival

Today, the pace of digital transformation in all sectors of business is as rapid as it’s ever been. Although you may find yourself asking, what is this rush to incorporate the IoT into a business?

The answer isn’t just about the beauty of developing a fancy app or showing off the digital aspect of your service at an industry show, the true reality is that this rapid evolution is needed to survive.

Businesses cannot survive this competition without a digital transformation. Let’s review some of the examples below to have a better understanding of the subject.

Digital Transformation

A restaurant:

Imagine two restaurants are both offering a similar quality of food. One of which has an online ordering menu with a user-friendly app that allows you to choose any form of payment, as well as dictate specified pick up or delivery times. On the other hand, the second restaurant does not accommodate any form of remote ordering. Which one do you think you would use?

Society is getting busier and adapting our day-to-day lives every day, developing quicker and easier processes for everything, and ordering food should be no exception.

In a world becoming more digitally convenient, most people are going to select services that are readily available to fit their needs.

A Production Facility

After some time, businesses ignoring the evolution of technology will begin to struggle unable to match the competitive services of their digitally incorporated counterparts. This is a simple example of a story behind digital transformation.

A Production Facility:

A production facility is using AI and IoT as two edges of the Digital transformation to reduce the cost of labor, improve production processes, increase the speed of production, and become overall much more cost-effective. While their competitor is ignoring this need for digital evolution and suffering from high labor costs, extensive and inefficient processes, and suboptimal actions within different layers of the business. Which one do you think is more likely to survive?

The Internet of Things not only connects but also offers companies opportunities to gather data and automate operations. IoT is radically changing the way companies operate, with the result being a much more efficient organization.

An automotive manufacturer implements an intelligent IoT system in its cars to collect sensory data over time and send this data to the cloud for mass overall analysis. By analyzing the plentiful amount of data, they’re able to find key information with regards to the quality of the car, as well as issues and weak points that can be improved in the future.

production line workers controlling manufacturing process

Companies can make significant improvements and get ahead of the game by incorporating mass data analysis.

This investment and use of IoT will give companies an advantage over their competitors who have yet to incorporate this digital aspect.

Software update in the air:

Another example of forward-thinking companies is those with the ability to update and upgrade their product software remotely. This allows them to provide newer features through software upgrades or address bugs and roll out fixes as soon as possible.

Electronic devices with software glitches/malfunctions were always seen as inconvenient issues. But with current technological advancements, these are problems that can be solved remotely at no cost to the user.


What we reviewed together above was just the mere tip of the iceberg with regards to the subject. The possibilities of IoT business incorporation are endless. By connecting processes and collecting data, many companies have already distanced themselves ahead of their competitors. This is a gap that will only continue to grow.

However, before adopting any part of IoT technology, we need to investigate each business and identify its issues that can be addressed using this technology. By analyzing, we can take the optimal approach, and incorporate the suitable technology to ensure better results.

We at Arshon Technology can help with business analysis and come up with technical solutions, feel free to contact us.

We would be glad to help you in this Digital Transformation.

Mazi Hosseini CEO of Arshon Technology Inc. and founder of iotLINKS

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