DoorDash has taken off in the last year. Here’s how much it pays engineers, lawyers and product designers.


tony xu doordash
DoorDash CEO Tony Xu

  • Insider analyzed data to find out how much DoorDash employees are paid.
  • The data comes from US government visa applications filed by DoorDash.
  • Senior jobs in engineering and sales make upwards of $250,000.

DoorDash has been one of the standouts during the pandemic, with its food delivery service becoming a staple for households around the country. The company is getting into rapid grocery delivery and expanding overseas, and it has been paying to attract the right employees for these growing ambitions.

A software engineer at DoorDash can make as much as $250,000 in annual salary, according to compensation data compiled by Insider. A project manager on the growth side can pull in $240,000 a year. And on the business side, a director of sales strategy and operations is paid $265,000 a year.

For DoorDash, these high salaries across technical and business roles reflect the company’s need to attract high caliber talent as it competes against big rivals. On the food delivery side, the company is facing off against Uber, which has been focused on growing its UberEats food delivery business and chipping away at DoorDash’s lead.

And on grocery delivery, DoorDash’s newest business focus, it is competing against Instacart and Gopuff. Both those companies are private and can lure employees with the promise of pre-IPO equity that could be jump in value if and when they go public. 

Insider pulled the numbers from thousands of work-visa applications DoorDash filed recently with the US government. Companies are required to disclose salary information, and the salaries must be the same level a US citizen would get paid if they were offered the same job. Stock grants, a major component of how tech employees are compensated, is not included in the data. Nor is experience and its influence on pay.

The following is a breakdown of what DoorDash pays for a wide variety of jobs. Once you’re done, take a look at Insider’s salary database to see how much Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and other companies pay their workers.

Data, Product and Engineering:

Director Engineering, Merchant: $300,000

Engineering Manager: $260,000-$280,000

Director Sales Strategy and Operations: $265,000

Engineering Manager C&G: $250,000

Software Engineer: $135,000-$250,000

Project Manager, Growth: $240,000

Engineering Manager: $230,000

Senior Manager, Platform Product Operations, New Verticals: $230,000

Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations: $230,000

Project Manager, Lead: $225,000

Senior Salesforce Developer, Biz Apps: $225,000

Autonomy Engineer: $215,000

Data Scientist: $170,000-$215,000

Product Manager, Merchant: $215,000

Software Engineer, Backend: $170,000-215,000

Senior Software Engineer: $215,000

Senior Data Engineer: $210,000

Senior Product Designer: $200,000-210,000

Technical Program Manager: $210,000

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer: $200,000

Product Marketing Manager, Storefront: $195,000

Product Designer: $180,000

Senior Data Scientist, Analytics: $190,000

Senior Salesforce Developer: $190,000

Software Engineer, Robotics: $190,000

Tableau Engineer: $172,000

Data Scientist, Machine Learning: $170,000

Product Manager: $170,000

Software Engineer, Backend, DDFW: $170,000

Solutions Architect, Mulesoft: $170,000

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst: $170,000

Manager, Accounting: $150,000

UX Content Strategist: $150,000

Hardware Engineer, Compliance: $144,000

Associate, New Business Verticals: $115,000

Senior Data Analyst: $95,000


Business, Administrative and Other

Director New Verticals: $230,000

Commercial Counsel: $200,000

Lead Salesforce, CPQ Administrator: $200,000

Operational Research Scientist: $200,000

Lead Salesforce CPQ Administrator: $215,000

Manager, Growth Strategy & Operations: $170,000

Manager, Strategic Integrations: $170,000

Senior Analyst, People Data: $170,000

Business Systems Transformation & Acceleration: $160,000

Atlassian Administrator – IT Infrastructure: $144,000

Manager, Consumer Promotion Strategy: $140,000

Senior Revenue Analyst: $130,000

Senior Support Operations Instructional Design: $110,000


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