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Ajibola Bamidele, managing director and chief executive officer of Certification Edge, has said Human Resource professionals are critical to the growth of businesses.

Bamidele said this in Lagos during the induction of 100 certified HR professionals by Certification Edge, a training and consulting firm.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Driving Business Growth through Effective Leadership,’ said: “Team leaders should employ innovative skills that would drive individual businesses. Organisations require certain leadership and management capability in their HR team, without which no meaningful goal could be achieved. Long-term strategies and leadership styles should be sought after by inductees, so they can impact positively in companies they serve.

“Through this training, we are building capacity to help develop leadership skills to drive business to profitability. It is imperative for HR professional to change their mindset and start thinking as CEO’s and business drivers, not just business supporters. They must start to understand that if the business fails they fail because they manage the people; HR sets the key performance index.”

Olusegun Mojeed, president of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM), described HR professionals as “strategic thinkers that bring quality value to the table by improving people, who in turn improve the business.”

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He commended the inductees for making the right choice by subjecting themselves to tutelage, saying certifications are very important to career growth.

According to him, the CIPM is a learning organisation that keeps improving the knowledge base of its members.

“It keeps developing people in contemporary issues. The essence is that the human resource of today, that is the people, not as a department, must all be harnessed for the purpose of business, sustainability, nation-building and for the purpose of the individual’s progress,” he said.

Pai Gamde, chief talent officer at Coronation, while making her presentation titled, ‘Leading the HR Function’, said: “Organisations are impacted when HR leverages on their ability to influence the system, organisation, people and understand their roles and capability to deliver value.”

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