Hutchinson Chamber names Pizza ranch Small Business of the Month


Chico Lopez, general manager and one of the location owners, places a fresh pizza on the pizza buffet Thursday afternoon, Jan. 6, 2022, at Pizza Ranch, 1805 E 17th Ave.

From 17th Street, drivers can see the well-known chain restaurant Pizza Ranch, where patrons have an opportunity to try the famous broasted chicken, various types of pizza and other sides.

Hutchinson’s Pizza Ranch constitutes unique compared to other franchised locations; as for the company as a whole, Hutchinson’s Pizza Ranch holds the record for opening sales out of every site in the nation, spanning 15 states and more than 50 individual restaurants.

In December, the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce named Hutchinson’s Pizza Ranch as Small Business of the Month, noting its commitment to serving their community and employee retention.

Pizza Ranch's plaque for Hutchinson/Reno County Small Business Award sits next to the first photo the local business captured of their soon-to-be location in 2013 before owners Chico Lopez, Dianne and Dick Kovarna entirely built the structure.

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A Midwest chain focused on its community

Chico Lopez, the general manager and one of the location owners, said employees enjoy working for the business. Often, employees’ family members will work after they’ve moved to other companies.

“The philosophy that Dick, Dianne and myself have is we want people to be successful,” Lopez said. “Sometimes, our best employees move onto bigger and better things, so if we want them to be successful, sometimes that’s not in pizza.”

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