Is Job Sharing The Future Of Flexible Work?


There were 122,000 employees on job-sharing contracts in the UK in 2021, up by around 3,000 on 2020. At its 2013 peak – when 185,000 people were on job-sharing contracts – it was a bit of a buzzword. Job sharing was heralded as a way to get more women with family commitments into senior leadership roles which require a five-day work week. There are many benefits to it, say job sharers Hannah Hall-Turner and Rachel Maguire of The Job Share Pair. “We call our off days ‘home days’ because they’re definitely not days off with toddlers in tow. But on the days that I’m not working I know that Rachel is progressing the role, which means I don’t worry about it and have some proper time with my children,” Hannah tells R29 UK. There are benefits for the employer, too. “Organisations are losing out on an amazing talent pool,” she adds. “The business also doesn’t lose out on any urgent deadlines and it helps with business continuity, succession planning, and retention.”

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