ISE Towers REIT Management Co elects new BoD – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The members of ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited elected ten directors comprising of the six shareholders’ directors and four independent directors on unanimous/unopposed basis for three-year term.

In this connection, the general body meeting of the ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited was held here on Thursday.

The newly-formed Board has elected Zahid Latif Khan as Chairman of the Board. Zahid Latif Khan has been the Chairman of the Company since the year 2016 and a known professional in this industry.

The newly-formed Board of Directors had diversity of experience including finance, taxation, capital market, real estate, legal, business management etc.

The general body has also unanimously approved the launch of the ISE Towers REIT Scheme, as a Rental REIT Scheme. The company aims to launch the ISE Towers REIT Scheme on top priority.

The Board of Directors strongly pledged to promote the business of the company by launching not only ISE Towers REIT Scheme but other multiple REIT Schemes in line with the vision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and government to document and regulate the real estate industry.

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