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I am not a native New Orleanian but have lived and operated businesses in New Orleans for almost 40 years. I have never seen the Central Business District, French Quarter and other parts of the city so filthy, so haggard, so unsafe as they are today, observations now being openly shared by fellow citizens and visitors.

An old political maxim states, “A mayor’s job is to protect the public, fill the potholes and pick up the trash.” Our feckless administration has earned a trifecta of “F’s” in these responsibilities, focusing on promoting a virus-free 7-to-10 day Mardi Gras celebration as a distraction from the burgeoning dangers and decay.

I hate feeling this way, but things are beyond the point where a safe and successful Mardi Gras alone will jump-start a citywide revival. A determined and accountable association of business and civic professionals is needed to fill the city’s leadership void.

More and more of us are sounding the alarm about New Orleans’ present and future: Who’s going to organize an answer to the call?


business owner

New Orleans

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