The Merit Apprenticeship Alliance proudly recognizes the graduation of our New Jersey and New York construction apprentices and of the dedication to excellence demonstrated by our signatory merit shop (open-shop) contractors.

The graduation of 21 apprentices in the shadow of a historically challenging year is testament to our commitment to maintain the highest standards. We believe that the integrity of our programs, contractors and apprentices is key to our sustainability. Our pledge to excellence, protects our apprentices and our contractors in a truly unpredictable construction market.

Alliance contractors are subjected to a vigorous review to ensure that we work with only the “best of the best”. Our firms honor their obligation to provide apprentices at least 500 hours of on-the-job training to mentor apprentices and safeguard program fulfillment in full compliance with our DOL approved standards. Alliance apprentices are provided at least 160 hours per year of NCCER nationally recognized craft training, along with OSHA and supplemental training in full compliance with USDOL related training requirements.

Alliance contractors are committed to excellence in safety, performance, regulatory compliance, employee management and community involvement. Quality based apprenticeship programs improve safety, enhance employee retention and loyalty, support job creation, improve productivity and help small and minority businesses compete in an ever-challenging market. We sincerely thank our signatory contractors for their dedication to excellence and unwavering support.


More about Merit Apprenticeship Alliance, Inc.
The Merit Apprenticeship Alliance, Inc. (Alliance) is recognized by the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship in New Jersey as a multi-employer, non-joint registered apprenticeship program sponsor in the Carpentry, Laborer, Operating Engineer, Ironworker and Cement Mason trades, under the guidelines of the Fitzgerald Act of 1937 (50 Stat. 664; U.S.C. 50), 29 Code of Federal Regulation Parts 29 and 30.

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