Owner of Santa Rosa’s Thrive Therapeutics wins Pride Business Leadership Awards


Kevin Krage, owner of Thrive Therapeutics in Santa Rosa, is a 2022 winner of North Bay Business Journal’s Pride Business Leadership Awards.

Some questions

What have you learned about your leadership in the last year and how will it change the way you lead going forward?

I’ve learned that leadership is about caretaking for our community. Both the LQBTQ+ community as well as the larger community as well. I’ve learned that leadership is about using my talents, skills, time, and money to support those that are still finding their resiliency.

What is the personal achievement you are most proud of and why?

As someone that is neurodivergent, my proudest personal achievement is simply becoming a licensed therapist. The training process and the exams were difficult but well worth the effort.

What are you most proud of regarding the achievements of your organization, your work and/or your community activities when it comes to the Pride movement?

As a board member at Positive Images, I’ve very proud of being a part of the transformational work we do as an organization. I’m proud to be a part of the healing journey for fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, both in the early intervention efforts of Positive Images as well and the clinical healing my queer couples are doing in my practice.

As a successful professional, what are the biggest obstacles you face what how are you working to overcome them?

I see the biggest obstacle facing queer folx is finding affordable mental health services that meet their needs while balancing the fact that mental health professionals ought to make a sustainable wage. This conflict finds its roots in our broken medical system.

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