Planning for 2022: Small businesses use social media to boost business growth


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN ) — As we wrap up 2021, small business owners reflect on making it through two years of the pandemic.

“With COVID coming in, it just taught you that you always have to have a plan b, and just be ready for whatever,” said Dayton entrepreneur and community event planner Tae Winston.

Over the past two years, Winston learned what it’s like to pivot a business plan while running the Entrepreneurs Shoppe and Connection.

“When the governor shut everything down and people couldn’t come into the store, we were able to go live and hold a drive-thru. People could look on our [Facebook] lives and see what we had, and we would mask up and go outside and serve them that way,” she said.

While the pandemic served as one giant stress test for entrepreneurs, it showed many the power of social media, which is why Winston said she hopes to spend more time online in the new year.

“I’m pretty well-known, but I haven’t been able to be personable with them. I think I’m going to do personal lives, talk to my customers, go live and answer questions to let them see my face that’s my goal,” she said.

That’s also the goal at E’clat Facial Studio which opened in October.

“For 2022, I really want to focus on growing our following on social media, and also growing our spot here in the local community of Dayton,” said Valaine Fryer, an advanced esthetician at E’clat Facial Studio.

In between facials, Fryer works on building clientele and building their social media following.

“Consistency is key. That goes with business, social media, and also skincare,” she said.

“I think 2022 is going to be amazing. I hope everyone is in good spirits, and staying positive,” said Winston.

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