Push continues for legalized alcoholic beverage deliveries

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- The push continues for businesses to be able to permanently sell alcoholic beverages through take out orders, some businesses hope that extends to delivery.

In the Spring of 2020, an Executive Order was signed by former Governor Gina Raimondo allowing restaurants to sell alcohol with their take out orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Dan McKee wants to make this option a permanent fixture for restaurants and patrons.

“Let’s make alcohol to go permanent. It’ll help our small businesses.” McKee continued, “It allows restaurants and brew pubs to sell alcoholic beverages with the takeout food. It worked during the pandemic and will continue to work today.”

Armanda Bisceglia, owner of Bacco and Bonnano on Federal Hill tells ABC6 News that to-go cocktails with a delivery option would help rebuild the ever-changing landscape of Rhode Island’s restaurant industry.

“You can get anything delivered today, I don’t understand why a mixed drink is that big of a deal.” Bisceglia explained, “We have professional companies that are doing this such as DASAP here on the hill that understands how this needs to be done and carried out.”

ABC6 spoke with Kenneth Zorabedian, owner of DASAP Delivery Owner, who explained the added benefit of having the delivery option during the wave of delivery orders happening during this time period.

“I think it’s great for the industry, great for restaurants.” Zorabedian said, “Out of 100 takeout orders, maybe 20 to 25 may be pick up, and the other 75 to 80 are delivered so I don’t think they’re able to capitalize on this bill. If I’m sitting at home and I’m watching TV and I’m going to get three tacos delivered I’m going to want a margarita.”

The Federal Hill Commerce Association & the Ocean State Coalition released a statement on the matter,

“The legalization of cocktails to go permanently is something we have been advocating for since last June. However the law needs to be written so that “to go” means both pick up and delivery service. The majority of to go orders are through delivery companies.

If this change in the law included this is would certainly have a positive impact for our restaurants.”

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