Qonto adds invoice accounting to business finance platform

Qonto, the leading European business finance solution, announced today the launch of its new solution for invoicing.

This new solution simplifies the process of generating, sharing and managing professional and customized invoices directly from the platform. Whether they are SMEs or freelancers, clients will be able to create, edit, and send company-branded invoices in a few clicks. The platform will also automatically track invoices for better visibility over incoming and pending payments. When an invoice is paid, it’s automatically marked as such. As a result users will save time and get paid in one place thanks to a centralized invoicing solution. SMEs or freelancers invoicing their clients directly from Qonto will also receive instant transfers when their customers are in the SEPA zone.

“Being paid on time” is the second and third challenge freelancers face both in France and Spain. On average, freelancers in France, Germany and Spain spend 26%* of their typical work week on “ancillary tasks” which include administrative tasks such as invoicing or getting paid.

“We are committed to offering the best service to our clients. We know first hand how time consuming dealing with invoices can be. Our new solution will help our clients save precious time: in just a few clicks they will be able to generate invoices and get paid faster. We are taking one step further towards a one-stop-shop for business finance management, providing a seamless experience for our clients” said Marc-Antoine Lacroix, CPO at Qonto.

Invoicing is the first part of a series of solutions, allowing Qonto clients to get paid. The feature is available as of May 24, 2022 for Qonto clients starting from the Smart Plan in France, Germany and Spain. More information about the feature is available HERE. In Italy, the feature will be launched following the new regulation on e-invoices, coming into force in July.

* according to BCG’s report on the state of freelancing in Europe 2022

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