Successful onboarding is the key to employee retention

“The first two weeks consisted of me just meeting other people on different teams,” she says. “Then, everything I needed to do was laid out by quarter, so I could see my plan out. We try to lay out everything employees need to know for their first day, first week and first month and put that into a presentation.”

There are three stages to Unit4’s onboarding process: by department, by region and then globally. Prompting employees to get to know their counterparts from across the world helps maintain company culture, regardless of location. After 60 days, new employees participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting with fellow recent hires to give the people success team feedback on their onboarding process.

“Even in exit interviews we ask how your onboarding experience was and whether the role was what you expected it to be when you were in your recruitment process,” Lamontagne says. “We want to know every step of the life cycle to really make sure we’re aligned.”

Of course, onboarding virtually comes with challenges. For example, many companies are struggling to purchase work-from-home equipment, such as laptops, phones and other electronics, because of global supply chain issues. GetApp’s latest survey finds that 71% of businesses are experiencing up to six months of IT hardware shipping delays. Furthermore, nearly a quarter (24%) of businesses say new hires aren’t receiving laptops until well after their start date. It’s a major headache that frustrates new hires and prevents their new employer from making a good first impression.

With such a tight labor market, companies can’t afford for any hiccups in the onboarding process. Retention is vital right now, so much so that Lamontagne has been working on a strategy with the North American leadership team to make sure Unit4 employees aren’t interested in sending resumes elsewhere, even though companies, especially in the tech industry, are willing to offer whatever it takes to bolster their workforce.

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