The World of Work Is Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives on and off the clock. As employers across most industries grapple with “the great resignation,” and employees learn to navigate a virtual or hybrid work environment, the things that once mattered most for employee retention do not necessarily carry the same weight today.

BD posted this poll question on LinkedIn this week: What does a healthy work environment mean to you?

Respondents are asked to choose one of the following answers, or to leave a comment on the thread if their answer isn’t listed: collaborative; autonomy in your projects; flexible work hours; rewards and recognition.

The poll is open for five more days, so take a few seconds to hop on and log your response.

We won’t spoil the results while the poll is still open, but we wanted to flag the post for MD+DI readers who want to join the conversation. With more than 2,800 votes already in, and the majority of comments coming from medical device professionals, it’s clear that medtech has a lot to say on the subject.

Think of it as your water cooler moment

Image courtesy of SeventyFour Images / Alamy Stock Photowater cooler moment, group of employees chatting around the water cooler at work

Although live trade shows like MD&M West are making a welcome comeback, networking opportunities in this new pandemic-disrupted world are still fewer and farther between. It’s important to make connections where you can, and trending topics in your industry are a great way to create those “water cooler moments.”

BD Is Growing Fast and Furious

BD has been on a major M&A spree over the past year. Most recently, the Franklin Lakes, NJ-based company said it will acquire Cytognos to expand into cancer post-treatment and monitoring. That’s in addition to the seven acquisitions BD announced in 2021. To top it all off, the company is in the process of spinning out its diabetes unit.

Given this flurry of business activity, it makes sense for BD to engage in this type of workforce research. When companies take the time to understand what prospective employees are really looking for, and the community responds, it’s an all-around win.

We hope to see more medical device and diagnostics companies spark up conversations like this in the industry.

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