Through Timestar Solutions, Lou Smith has helped underserved small business owners obtain more than $52 million in capital… and he’s just getting started.

To anyone who wants to start a business right now, how would they get funding? Would they risk their personal credit and savings? How would they establish business credit? How would they learn the principles of successful entrepreneurship?

These are the types of questions keeping underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners from building successful businesses. And these are the questions that self-made businessman and lifelong entrepreneur Lou Smith is answering via his newest endeavor, Timestar Solutions.

Smith created a suite of customizable solutions serving as the roadmap for anyone aiming to launch or grow a small business. Individually, these resources—including no-cost business credit and loan consultations, capital funding, and educational tools—have been featured on Fox, Google News, Digital Journal, NBC, USA Today, and CBS.

Now, Smith is combining every resource at his disposal within Timestar Solutions, an oasis for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For a holistic approach to launching or growing a business, Timestar Solutions features three unique divisions: Timestar Capital, Timestar Academy, and Timestar Credit.

“Our mission is to help you obtain the capital and credit you need to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you’re just starting your business or looking for millions in capital to expand, we have solutions that can help you fund your endeavors,” said Smith, founder of Timestar Solutions LLC.

Automatic Loan Approvals & Other Real-World Solutions for Real Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

To date, Timestar Solutions LLC has served more than 1,300 individual businesses, helping them gain access to more than $52 million in capital. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Timestar Solutions’ arsenal is its ability to help small business owners who haven’t been able to get approved for a bank loan. Through education and step-by-step guidance, Timestar Solutions is helping those same individuals understand and fulfill all necessary requirements, leading to automatic approvals without the need for a personal credit check or personal guarantee.

“We can get you approved and funded within 72 hours or less for low-rate, long-term loans, and credit lines. Our goal is to help you access cash flow financing, asset-based financing, also unsecured financing, even as a startup company,” said Smith.

Timestar’s lending division, Timestar Capital, is a nationwide lending consortium focused on serving the unmet financial needs of start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses, providing a much-needed second chance to those often overlooked by traditional lenders. 

“Our principals come from a small business background. They understand the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners when it comes to traditional financing options which typically favor big organizations. That’s why we set out to create a flexible, simple business funding program that favors start-ups and small to medium size businesses.”

Delivering a Foundation of Knowledge Through Timestar Academy

Timestar Solutions isn’t just about gaining access to funding. Smith stresses the importance of entrepreneurial and business credit education.

“Rather than issuing instructions, our business advising and finance experts offer actionable mentorship based on a deep understanding of your situation, helping you navigate lenders and credit issuers’ ‘unwritten requirements’ to ensure you’ll be approved before you apply,” said Smith. 

Timestar Academy is empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners by delivering the detailed guidance they need to succeed in every aspect of building a business. Rather than giving instruction alone, educating these individuals provides foundational knowledge that can be applied to virtual any situation one might face while building a business.

Simplifying Business Credit for Underserved Entrepreneurs

Business credit is a necessity for any successful business. That’s why Timestar Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to credit through Timestar Credit.

“Our business credit solutions help you build credit for your business EIN that’s not linked to your personal social security number,” said Smith. “We can help you secure credit quickly regardless of your personal credit score, collateral, or cash flow. And get approved without needing a personal credit check or personal guarantee.”

Credit affects virtually every aspect of a person’s ability to launch and grow a business. 

“Building creditability, qualifying for loans, registering credit reports, accessing revolving credit lines is integral to every type of business at every stage, and establishing good business credit is essential to making this happen,” said Smith. 

From funding to education to business credit, Timestar Solutions is actively helping underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners launch new businesses and achieve their goals.

“Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, whether you’re interested in obtaining capital for your company at the best terms or cultivating the skills that lead to immediate and long-term growth, Timestar has solutions for you,” said Smith. 

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