Timeline of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland – SPICe Spotlight


Key milestone

Scottish Government announces the advice on how often people can venture outdoors has changed. As of 11 May, people can go outside more than once a day to exercise. This activity should continue to be undertaken close to home. Those going out to exercise should either go alone or with members of their household.

The UK government has set out its plan to return life to as near normal and has published new rules for staying safe outside your home. These new rules will take effect on Wednesday 13 May 2020. The UK Government stipulates that this guidance applies in England and that people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should follow the specific rules in those parts of the UK.

A second Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill is introduced to the Scottish Parliament. It includes emergency measures to protect people facing financial hardship and allow public services to operate effectively in response to the pandemic.

National Wellbeing Hub is launched.  The Hub is a new partnership between national, local and professional bodies looking after the emotional and psychological wellbeing of Scotland’s health and social services workers.


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