Top Business Leadership Podcast ‘C-Suite Intelligence’ Renewed for Second Season

Hosted by TMG executive coaches, new episodes feature bold leadership lessons on how top-performing CEOs are managing during these remarkable and uncertain times

NEW YORK, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For listeners seeking authentic leadership advice, C-Suite Intelligence is back. The podcast has just launched a second season with new leadership lessons from coaches to the world’s top-performing executives.

Season two kicks off with Resilience Redefined,” released today on all major platforms. The episode discusses how unfamiliar setbacks can test even the strongest leaders, and why leaders should practice embracing these learning moments.

“The podcast is really a master class in leadership, whether you aspire to be a CEO someday, or just want to grow in your career,” says Stephen Miles, Founder and CEO of The Miles Group, who hosts C-Suite Intelligence alongside TMG colleagues Taylor Griffin, Courtney Hamilton, William (Billy) Stern, Christina Woodard, John Nasr, and others.

“We coach men, women, young entrepreneurs, and established legacy CEOs – leaders from all different industries and contexts all over the world,” says Taylor Griffin, COO. “As executive coaches, our work is behind-the-scenes – in conference rooms, boardrooms, and wherever leaders are taking critical, decisive actions.”

“Through these experiences, we have captured a lot of learnings that can help people at different points in their career, but don’t have access to a coach.” Miles continues, “C-Suite Intelligence has become our way of distilling these coaching insights for a broader audience.”

The experts: Miles and his TMG colleagues Taylor Griffin, Courtney Hamilton, William (Billy) Stern, Christina Woodard, and John Nasr work closely with some of the most successful C-suite officers at companies ranging from the largest and most recognizable global corporations to private equity portfolio companies and emergent VC-backed firms. They are across the desk, on the plane, side-by-side with executives to help them continuously up their game as leaders. They also coach them through the toughest times their company faces – from sudden leadership changes to business downturns to crisis events.

The episodes: The podcast episodes are timely, candid, and free of jargon – how real executives talk about their problems and how to fix them; average episode length is around 15 minutes. Angela Baughman is the producer.

In Resilience Redefined,” hosted by Stephen Miles and Taylor Griffin, and debuting today, they propose a fresh take on resilience. Faced with new challenges every day, the world we live in is full of setbacks. “Think about the ecosystem of people around you. Support and trust among your teams is crucial to building resilience that is sustainable and can be modeled throughout the organization,” says Miles.

“We have setbacks in our personal life and we have setbacks in our work life. They’re everywhere. How we handle these setbacks is a good test of who we are and what we’re made of. The key is to practice picking yourself back up each time, re-energize yourself, and try again,” continues Miles. “As executives, we have to train ourselves to be excited about doing hard things.”

New C-Suite Intelligence episodes will be released bi-weekly, covering topics ranging from leading through hyperinflation, how we can make offices work better, and the increasing responsibility leaders bear around hot-button social issues.

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