Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Retention

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Company culture previously developed naturally within organizations, as employees worked similar in-office schedules. Repetition and familiarity helped drive a sense of community and build culture amongst team members. Organizational culture grows strong and gives team members a sense of belonging when the familiarity of an environment accompanies entertaining in-person events/activities, company swag, bonuses, and other perks. Culture is a powerful force within an organization, allowing team members to thrive and enjoy their work, which cultivates an ultimate desire to stay with the company. A sense of culture often drives an employee’s loyalty to an organization. During the pandemic, working remotely became the norm and some traditional “in-person” cultural norms began to shift or fade as the team was no longer face-to-face. As company cultures began to shift in the pandemic, there was no longer a natural stronghold for employee retention, and employees began to explore opportunities outside their organizations to meet their changing needs. To avoid this migration of workers, or “Great Resignation” as we now know it, companies must focus on adapting their cultures, understanding the needs of their employees, and drilling down to the core of what is best for the business as we continue to navigate ever-changing environments.

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