UK Consumers Spend More at Grocers With Loyalty

Choices abound, whether U.K. grocery shoppers are comparing costs, delivery times, user experience, or loyalty programs. With choice being the operative word, grocers need real insight into what customers’ expectations are and the factors that help drive their purchasing decisions.

In a collaborative study between PYMNTS and ACI Worldwide, it was discovered that customers have wide-ranging expectations when it comes to grocery shopping. But every factor mattered in its own unique way.

Get the study: What U.K. Consumers Expect From Their Grocery Shopping Experiences

Overall, 66% of consumers in the U.K. report doing more online shopping because it’s convenient and easy. And 49% cited speed as being a more important reason for shopping online than having a good shopping experience, reported by 40% of respondents.

Still, perks aside, 64% of online grocery shoppers in the U.K. indicated that fear of the pandemic keeps them away from stores. Of course, age has something to do with respondents’ online shopping habits continuing moreover fear or out of convenience. Of Generation Z respondents, 74% cited ease, while 62% of millennials said convenience. Some 77% of baby boomers and senior citizens pointed to COVID-19 fears as their main reason for shopping online.

About 44% of U.K. shoppers belong to supermarket loyalty programs, and shoppers tend to spend more. Grocers with loyalty cards seem to have an edge over those who don’t.



About:More than half of U.S. consumers think biometric authentication methods are faster, more convenient and more trustworthy than passwords or PINs — so why are less than 10% using them? PYMNTS, in collaboration with Mitek, surveyed more than 2,200 consumers to better define this perception versus use gap and identify ways businesses can boost usage.

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