Wellness in the workplace: Are you recovery ready?

There is a movement. A movement of health and wellness in the workplace.  If you don’t believe it, Google “Wellness in the Workplace” and you will discover approximately 128,000,000 sites dedicated to this very subject. Articles, advertisements, advice all aiming to increase the health and wellness of your employees… your workplace.  The question is why?  It is clear that investing in the health and overall wellbeing of your employees will help you meet your bottom line.  Healthy workers = Healthy companies.  

According to Mental Health First Aid and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, untreated mental illness in the workplace costs businesses $105 billion each year due to lost productivity. 10.8 million full-time workers have an untreated substance use disorder.  But, less than 10 percent of employees feel their workplace is free of stigmas about mental health.  Often times, stigma is the biggest barrier in getting help/treatment for mental health challenges and substance use challenges.  Reducing stigma from a top down approach is step one in creating healthy workplaces. When management finds value in investing in their employees’ health and wellness, it creates a healthy culture and is recovery ready.  Because the hope of the matter is, people can and do recover from mental health and substance use challenges.  

Employers can provide a significant role in employees getting help.  With Recovery Friendly policies that encourage wellness, employers send a strong message to their employees and their community that they care about the physical, behavioral and mental health of those they employ. Solution-focused and recovery-informed practices should include: health care benefits with strong coverage for mental health and substance use treatment, resources such as an Employee Assistance Program, leave policies that encourage treatment, promotion of self-care, and education for supervisors and staff on mental health and substance use.  

When employers make wellness a priority a shift in culture begins to happen.  Employees that may be struggling with stress, burnout or a mental health or substance use challenge will find safety and encouragement to get the help they need. Employee retention, morale, productivity and overall attendance will increase. The return of investment on the promotion of wellness and recovery will not only have a fiscal impact but, will impact the lives of your employees beyond the workplace.  It will have a positive and substantial impact on families and communities.  Are you ready?  Are you recovery ready?   

To learn more on how to become a recovery ready and Recovery Friendly Workplace, visit Drug Free Workplace PA’s website at dfwpa.org or email; info@dfwpa.org or call 717-454-3100.  

Recovery happens and you can be the first step. 





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