Wexford County Ranked Top Ten in the State for Business Growth, According to Survey

The past two years have been tough for local businesses, but there is some good news for businesses in Wexford county.

A recent survey by the website SmartAsset found Wexford County to be 10th in the state for business Pic0 1growth, and 19 in the state for incoming investment in the area.

The website says they gathered information from the U.S. census, Gross Domestic Product, and new building permits to put together this survey.

The Cadillac Chamber of Commerce President Caitlyn Berard says she’s not surprised by this ranking.

“The amount of licenses we received last year increased,” said Berard. “It just says a lot about our community and the culture that we have here.”

Berard says Cadillac area businesses used of grants and money from the state and federal government to start new businesses last year.

“Even though the pandemic was incredibly hard, our businesses were on,” she said. “They got creative. The takeouts, the curbside, the online, the ads, the amount of ways we saw our businesses evolved and how our community came to back them up.”

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